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Our staff absence cover will insure all your staff for a wide range of unfortunate and unpredictable circumstances. This ranges from sickness to leave to carry out jury service. We protect you and your teachers, helping you to keep moving forward and keep your school running smoothly no matter what.


Cover for all types of sickness.


Any injury caused by accidental means which results in time off.

Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Leave

Time taken off to look after a newborn or newly adopted child.

Compassionate Leave

Absence due to the passing of an immediate family member for up to 5 academic days

Jury Service

Up to 10 academic days for staff who are summoned to be part of a Jury.

Mental Health

Inability to work due to Stress, depression, anxiety.

Wellbeing Service

Counselling will be arranged for staff when needed.

Phased Return

A reduced rate will be agreed when a staff member is making a gradual return to work.



Here are a few eligibility rules regarding our cover.  

  1. Your staff need to be under the age of 70.

2. Jury summoned after the effective start date of cover

3. Pregnancy or granted adoption to be after the effective start date of cover

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